Proxy firefox through ssh tunnel

Somethimes you need to send requests via different host. Would it be for checking if IP-filters works fine or accessing some secured resources. Here's the quick guide on how to proxy firefox requests through ssh tunnel using linux workstation.

How to restrict users to view only their own media library items in wordpress

By default in WP 3.1.1 any user can view and manage any media library item. Even if it was uploaded by other user. In this howto I described the way to avoid this.

Simple PHP Calculator class (SimpleCalc)

This PHP class allows calculate a custom expression. It supports basic mathematical operations. Get or fork it on GitHub.

To calculate an expression like 2+3-(3*2)^2 you need just to call

require_once 'class.SimpleCalc.php';
$calc=new SimpleCalc();
echo $calc->calculate('2+3-(3*2)^2') //-31

jQuery plugin for grabbing Facebook activity feed

Some time ago I needed to grab a facebook activity feed such as status updates and links and then display it on a website. The Facebook Social Plugins were not suitable for modifications and styling. So I just created a jQuery plugin to grab Facebook activity feed form the output using powerfull templating tool and display it on the website.

Blog introduction

My name is Vladimir Shugaev and I’m a web developer currently living in Kyiv, Ukraine. Together with Julia Datsiy we run a small web development team. You can follow our activities on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Over past several years I was working with a lot of technologies starting from HTML and CSS markup, JavaScript, PHP, ActionScript. Worked with a variety of tools, APIs and frameworks such as Microformats, jQuery, Ajax, Comet, MODX, yii, osCommerce, OpenCart. And finally I came to the point that I should somehow store that experience. I hope it would help you to save valuable time or inspire you find a better solution.

About this blog

In this blog I’m going to share the solution, tools and tips that I found useful for myself when designing and developing web sites and applications.

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